b e @ r b r i c k s

Be@rbricks  are collectible toys designed and produced by the Japanese company, MediCom Toy Inc. started in 2001. What makes these be@rs so cool are the different artists and designers from all over the world including Asia, Europe, N. America, and Australia collaborating with the MediCom Toy company and producing only a limited amount of bears making them hard to find at times. The bears comes in different sizes ranging in percents from 50% (4 cm) to 1000% (70 cm). 1000% bears are the most limited and definitely hard to find!

I was introduced to the Be@rbricks community back in 2008-09 by one of my best friends, D. D and his cousin started building their collection in 2008-09 and are still collecting til this very day. When I first saw these bears in person, I immediately fell in love. They are so different and unique looking. And I think what makes these be@rs fun to collect is the ‘chase’ to finding that one bear that is rare and special to you. Although, I must say many people either love it or hate it for these art pieces. Many people do not understand the purpose of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on vinyl life size bears that will do nothing but collect dust. For me, I fell in love with the game of collecting the bears and the art behind it.

Here are some photos of random Be@rbricks that I saw in New York while on vacation…

Right now, the only bear that I have my EYE and HEART on is the Chomper!!! It has my name all over it, now I just need to find it. Let the games begin…(photo credits to Chomper| hypebeast.com)


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